Christos Matskas is working as a developer for over 12 years mainly focusing on the .NET stack. Christos has a degree in Software Engineering and an MSc in Advance Computer Networking. Over the years Christos has had the opportunity to work on some really cool and high profile projects with great companies such as MarkIT, Strathclyde University, Amor/Lockheed Martin, Ignis Asset Management, Barclays etc. However, his love for coding extends well beyond his day job. It’s not uncommon to find him coding until midnight after everyone’s gone to bed. He works, maintain and contribute to a number of Open Source projects.

Christos Matskas is working as a Premier Field Engineer in the Modern Apps domain. Christos is specialised in Azure Development which tends to cover a very wide spectrum of technologies. He get to work with his customers and add value by training other developers or working an a solution to a problem. This solution may or may not involve Azure, depending on the customer needs.